Darksquare set to launch next 2 live deals, partnering with Factored and TINT

Darksquare, the recently-launched investment platform specialising in private market and alternative assets, is excited to unveil its latest offerings set to launch in the coming weeks.


Deal 1:

Landlord Factoring Facility

Darksquare presents an exclusive opportunity for its customers to invest in a diversified portfolio of landlord factoring lines tailored to UK landlords. These factoring lines are uniquely secured against the income generated from the landlord’s tenants, as well as equity stakes in the properties themselves. With a compelling yield of 15% per annum and a term of 2 years, this deal has the potential for lucrative returns while mitigating risks.


Deal 2:

Trade Financing Facility

In addition to the landlord factoring opportunity, Darksquare has sourced an enticing option for investment in a diversified portfolio of trade financing facilities. These facilities, secured against a collateral pool comprising trade receivables, accounts receivables, inventory, and equipment, offer investors a yield of  approx. 13.5% per annum over a 2-year term. This deal empowers investors to tap into the dynamic world of trade finance, which has historically been reserved for institutional investors.


“We are excited to present our investors with these two compelling opportunities in landlord factoring and trade financing,” said Daniel Harman, Co-Founder & CEO at Darksquare. “At Darksquare, we are committed to providing our clients with access to exclusive alternative assets that offer attractive returns and diversification benefits.”


These deals reflect Darksquare’s ongoing commitment to democratising access to high-potential investment opportunities in the private market realm. Investors eager to capitalise on these opportunities are encouraged to act swiftly as limited slots are available.


For more information about Darksquare and its investment offerings, visit www.darksquarecapital.com.

About Darksquare: Darksquare is an investment platform dedicated to providing individuals with access to exclusive opportunities in the private market and alternative asset space. With their end-to-end tech offering and commitment to transparency, Darksquare empowers investors to diversify their portfolios and achieve their financial goals.