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Learn from and invest alongside leading investors in this first-of-its-kind training course brought to you by the trade body for angel and early-stage investing.

10 September 2024 in-person
£1,395 +VAT (discount available for UKBAA members)
Invest & learn alongside industry experts
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You'll learn and invest alongside industry experts

Course leaders

Investing experts will lead you through the one-day course and webinars

Cornel Chiriac
Cornel Chiriac

Partner, 2050 Capital

Cornel is a deep tech VC with extensive angel investment experience and an entrepreneurship background.  He is the founding partner of 2050 Capital, a London-based deep tech and science VC backing early-stage ventures since 2015. Cornel invests $500k checks at seed and up to $3m in Series A, and backs 2-4 deals per year. A number of his earlier investments advanced to the pre-IPO stage and exited. Cornel is a hands-on high-conviction investor who actively contributes to the success of his portfolio companies, serving on multiple boards and advisory committees. Cornel also heads the Chicago Booth Angels London chapter, where he has been instrumental in expanding the reach of this investment group globally. He is also actively involved in various University of Chicago venture initiatives.


Rod - Zoom
Roderick Beer

Managing Director, UK Business Angels Association

Roderick’s career spans over 17 years of managing, founding and growing angel groups and investment platforms, collectively deploying over £100m of equity investment in more than 500 startup and scaleup businesses. He started at Beer & Partners, the first and largest angel group in the UK which later sold to Risk Capital Partners, he later helped form and grow a successful corporate finance firm, as their COO.

He is now the Managing Director of the UK Business Angels Association, the trade body for angel and early-stage investing, representing 220 organisations including over 100 Angel Groups that collectively deploy over £2bn p.a. in innovative, high-growth businesses.

The course

London in-person day - Tuesday 10th September 2024

Find out more about each of the course modules and the special guest experts who will be on-hand to guide you.

Why Angel Invest?
Discover the driving forces behind angel investing and the unique opportunities it presents. Uncover the realities that seasoned investors face and gain insights into the data-backed strategies that lead to success.

Cash and Time Allocation
Explore the crucial aspects of allocating your financial resources and time effectively. Learn the strategies that successful angel investors employ to maximize their impact and their outcomes.

Craft a personalized investment thesis by delving into your passions, leveraging your expertise, and identifying exciting sectors. By aligning your interests with market opportunities, you can create a clear, winning strategy.

Understand the transformative power of diversity in improving investment outcomes. Confront the key challenges faced by underrepresented founders and adapt your approach to champion diversity in your portfolio.

Special guest

Dama Sathianathan

Partner | Senior Manager, Communities and Networks, Bethnal Green Ventures

BGV has invested in 166 tech for good ventures in the past 10 years

Leads on deal flow, community and networks

Driving efforts to act with integrity on diversity, equity and inclusion previously worked for international NGOs advocating for better human rights practices in global

Development and humanitarian response

Navigate the landscape of deal sourcing with insights into the best channels for deal flow. Develop effective networking strategies and identify key players in the industry to stay ahead of the curve.

Special guest

Triin Linamagi

Founding Partner, Sie Ventures

Triin is the Founding Partner of Sie Ventures. Sie Ventures invests in early stage diverse founding teams and mission driven businesses. Sie Ventures also runs Catalyst Programs for early stage female entrepreneurs to provide better access to capital, support and network. Sie Ventures invests in 8-10 early stage companies a year alongside top tier VC funds in the UK and Europe. Formerly Triin was Investor at The Venture Collective, Founders Factory and Startupbootcamp. Before her career in investments, she was a founder and operator of 3x startups. She has invested in 40+ companies at the earliest stages through VCs, accelerators and as angel that have resulted in five exits.

Decode the statistics surrounding investment outcomes and understand the essential components of a good deal. Scrutinize the team, product/technology, market fit, and other critical factors to make informed investment decisions.

Define your role post-investment, considering board seats, progress monitoring, and growth support. Anticipate challenges, plan for further funding rounds, and strategize for a successful exit.

The course

The online follow-on sessions

After the in-person day in London, there will be two online follow-on sessions. Find out more about them below:

Navigate the legal landscape of angel investing by uncovering key documents, finalizing deals, and understanding your legal position post-investment. Explore the intricacies of legal issues surrounding exits.

Special guest

Harry Trick

Partner, Michelmores

Harry is Partner in the Michelmores team that won the UKBAA Best Legal Team for Early-Stage Deals in 2022 and 2023. He advises scale-up companies on all stages of their equity fundraising journey through to exit, regularly acts for those who invest in them – including angel investors, VCs and private equity. Harry is co-lead of MAINStream, Michelmores' UKBAA registered angel network that was established in 2019 to connect angel investors with scale-up companies.

Demystify the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Learn how to qualify for these tax reliefs, claim them, and explore the considerations associated with investing in Knowledge Intensive Businesses (KIBs).

Special guest

Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan

Co-Founder, Odin

cofounder of Odin, a platform that helps startup investors to raise and deploy capital seamlessly.
Odin handles SPV and fund structuring, legal, payments, and fund administration for their clients: fund managers, angel syndicates, family offices and founders.
Prior to Odin Patrick worked in corporate venture capital at Coca Cola and business development at Crowdcube

Free eLearning course access

Access to our 6-hour ‘The Effective Angel Investor’ eLearning
course is included in the cost of this course.

The course

Investing with the experts

Fred Soneya

Co-Founder, Haatch

Responsible for a number of high-profile, large-scale innovation projects across and, post-acquisition, Morrisons, Fred has led the completion of over 150 investments into 70+ companies over the last 10 years onboarded over 600 investors into Haatch funds

Reece Chowdry

Partner, Concept Ventures

Concept Ventures is the largest dedicated pre-seed technology fund in the UK (£50m) that has invested in 80+ start-ups from idea to unicorns (6 in total). Reece is ranked as one of the Top Asian Tech Investors by Diversity UK

Triin Linamagi

Founding Partner, Sie Ventures

Sie Ventures invests in early stage diverse founding teams and mission driven businesses. Sie Ventures also runs Catalyst Programs for early stage female entrepreneurs to provide better access to capital, support and network. Sie Ventures invests in 8-10 early stage companies a year alongside top tier VC funds in the UK and Europe. 

Join a call with a pre-vetted founder alongside one of our leading co-investors
Work together to complete the due diligence process, including gathering all the questions you would like answered
Follow-up call with the founder to clarify any questions that have arisen during the due diligence process
Work with the co-investor on a formal investment memo for the investment committee
You’ll be invited to attend and watch the investment committee with the opportunity to submit questions in advance. This will include approx. 45 minute call with the founder and then the IC will continue discussions before a blind vote takes place. You will take a separate blind vote and that will be compared to the blind vote of the IC to see how it aligns.
You’ll help create and then send a term sheet to the founder.
Working with the co-investors, you'll negotiate the company valuation price and determine the amount of equity you want to take.
Once the legal documentation has been received, you’ll work with your own legal council along with the co-investor in making sure the deal terms are suitable.
Invest! Your investment will be SEIS or EIS eligible, on the same terms as the lead co-investor and be wrapped up in an SPV, provided by Odin.
An expert will talk you through the SEIS/EIS process so that you can claim your tax relief.

Become part of our alumni network

After completing the course, you’ll become part of our alumni network, where you can share expertise and collaborate with your peers on your investment journey.

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