What is the Centre of Excellence?

Angel investment is the most significant source of early-stage risk capital for innovating growth businesses. Angels bring not only equity funding, but access to business experience, strategic advice, contacts and links to support and nurture early-stage growth.

The Centre of Excellence is designed to support new and experienced Angels with the tools they need to back fantastic founders across the UK. From helping you begin your investing journey through to running your own Angel Group, this resource hub contains all of the information you need to succeed. With informative guides, downloadable materials and videos featuring key players from the early-stage ecosystem, the Centre of Excellence is an essential tool to help you with every aspect of your journey.

Investing Basics

Explore angel investing starting from what it means to be an angel to how to go about backing innovators and honing your skills. Work through a series of informative guides and videos to help you learn the basics as you embark on your angel investing journey.

Tools and guides

Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to step up your knowledge and deep dive into the documents you’ll need on your investing journey. Explore the key legal documents, understand how to develop your own cap table and find out how to create a post-investment strategy.

Webinars & Library

Watch a series of in-depth webinars featuring leading lights of the early-stage ecosystem as they share their experience and advice. Whether it’s doing your first deal or exploring regional imbalances, we’ve got a wealth of content to aid your learning. We’ve also got a growing library of recommended reading to elevate your knowledge even further.

Recently added content

Are secondary markets a pathway to Liquidity for Early-Stage Investors? with Mason Doick

Mason Doick, Head of Corporate at JP Jenkins will talk us through how liquid secondary markets are and how they work.

Rufus Pearl
Generating liquidity from zombies, with Rufus Pearl

Zombie and underperforming investments account for billions of £’s of locked-in capital. Rufus Pearl, founder of PlanD talks to us about the problem and a solution. 

Elliott Gaspar
How to Value an Early-Stage Business, with Elliott Gaspar

Join Elliott Gaspar from Standard Ledger as he talks us through the different approaches investors take in valuing a business, from pre-seed right the way through to Series A.

How to access the Centre of Excellence


The Centre of Excellence is a resource hub that’s available only for UKBAA members. If you’re an existing member, you simply just need to log into the site and you’ll get immediate access.

Please note that if you are a subscriber of the UKBAA site, that is not the same as being a member. The Centre of Excellence is not accessible by subscribers, only paying members of UKBAA.

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