SeedLegals x Crowdcube: faster, easier fundraising for startups

The team at SeedLegals is excited to announce their brand new partnership with Crowdcube.
For investors, the partnership means speedier investments as your prospective portfolio companies are investment-ready and you can easily keep track of negotiations on SeedLegals.
For startup founders, the partnership means a streamlined process to get ready for investment, find investors, get Advance Assurance for Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS/EIS), raise investment and grow a business.
The partnership makes the most of Crowdcube’s market-leading investment platform alongside the SeedLegals industry-standard legaltech platform to help you at every step of your fundraising journey:
  • find investors
  • combine crowdfunding investments from the public with private investments from angels and VC
  • complete fundraising legals quickly and cost-effectively
  • raise before a round and top up an existing round
  • ‘roll up’ multiple investors into a single line on the cap table

SeedLegals is now working with Crowdcube to integrate services, making it easier for startups to combine raising from Crowdcube’s community of 1.3 million investors with using SeedLegals to get Advance Assurance for SEIS/EIS, issue EMI share options to staff, claim R&D tax credits and create the legal contracts for running the company.


About Crowdcube

  • Crowdcube is the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform, connecting companies with retail investors
  • To date, Crowdcube has raised over £1.2 billion for over 1,300 businesses
  • Famous Crowdcube raises include Monzo, Revolut and What3Words

About SeedLegals

  • SeedLegals is a legal platform for startups and investors, established in 2016
  • Over £1.2 billion has been raised on SeedLegals
  • 1 in 4 of all early funding rounds in the UK are closed on SeedLegals
SeedLegals Co-Founder and CEO Anthony Rose says:
In the past few years, we’ve seen a clear trend of founders wanting to mix and match VC, angel and retail investments. We’re excited to combine our legal platform with Crowdcube’s fundraising expertise to turn that into a connected experience. The partnership reflects our shared goals of simplifying fundraising and empowering entrepreneurs and investors.
Bill Simmons, Co-CEO of Crowdcube says:
This partnership is an incredibly exciting development. With their extensive reach and technology platform, SeedLegals is the perfect partner to provide support to private companies throughout their funding lifecycle.To date, Crowdcube and SeedLegals have helped more than 50,000 companies raise more than £2 billion from 1.3 million investors.
To find out how SeedLegals can help you – whether you’re an angel investor or running a startup, book a free call with one of their experts.