Investing Matters podcast – JP Jenkins / InfinitX

From growing a global FinTech disruptor from scratch to how this stands to help with the UK’s levelling up agenda, InfinitX CEO Mike McCudden spoke with Peter Higgins from Conkers3 on the Investing Matters podcast.

The market for investing in private companies is acknowledged as being a multi-trillion dollar opportunity and whilst great strides have been made in enabling better access in places such as the USA, in the discussion, Mike explains how InfinitX technology can be deployed anywhere in the globe, providing much needed liquidity and financing for businesses of all sizes. That might sound somewhat ambitious, but financial democratisation like this can also play an instrumental role in helping push concepts such as the UK’s levelling up agenda.

As Mike notes, there’s a lot more that can be done to support early stage businesses in the UK and further afield. InfinitX is keen to play a central role in that. It’s all about making sure that the money flow is there to help support these underlying young growth businesses. After all, they act as the backbone of economies worldwide, providing jobs and creating ideas to underpin the success stories of tomorrow.

Listen to the full podcast here. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1XpuelLsY1iDXB94FlTDm4

Investing Matters podcast – JP Jenkins / InfinitX

By Mason JP Jenkins Profile 02 Aug 2023