Celebrating Women in Investment and Entrepreneurship

InnovationRCA, the Royal College of Art Accelerator and home of AngelClubRCA, hosted a showcasing and networking event “Celebrating Women in Investment & Entrepreneurship”. The well attended event brought women investors and entrepreneurs together with a panel discussion, featuring several Royal College of Art female company founders. Themes covered in the discussion included raising investment, work-life balance and women founder ambition and aspiration. A larger selection of women-led start-ups were also showcased in the exhibition ranging from medtech to sustainability and climate-tech businesses including KnitRegen, Revive InnovationsThe Tyre CollectiveEpisode StudioGN3RA and Ananas Anam.

At the event, a new milestone was celebrated with InnovationRCA and AngelClubRCA Director, Dr Nadia Danhash, announcing that in the last five years 52% of InnovationRCA-backed companies have been founded or co-founded by women (this compares to 32% of the rest of the UK university sector). In line with InnovationRCA’s pledge to continue to inspire and support more women in entrepreneurship, they have recently become a signatory to HM Treasury’s ‘Investing in Women’ Code.

Since 2015, InnovationRCA has operated its angel network, AngelClubRCA, which was set up to promote and encourage commercial enterprise in the UK by connecting the most promising S/EIS early-stage RCA start-ups with investors. And more recently, following the launch of the RCA Design and Impact S/EIS Fund earlier this year, more qualified investors can access the unique multi-sector RCA pipeline at a very early stage while valuations are low and those companies are incubated and supported by InnovationRCA.