SFC Capital leads round into green tech Harvst

Investors in this round: SFC Capital, angel investors

Welsh green tech startup Harvst doubles their targeted raise with SFC Capital as lead investor.

Cardigan-based green tech company Harvst has successfully closed a funding round with SFC Capital as lead investor. They aim to use the funds to expand their team, commercial partnerships and product range.

Founded in the Welsh coastal town of Cardigan in 2020, the green tech brand helps gardeners extend the growing season, whilst saving time through smart automation and control of their growing environment. Their range of mini-greenhouses and watering systems are ‘Made in Britain’, and are ideal for people who want the self-sufficient benefits of growing their own food all year round, but who can’t attend to their plants every day.

The ‘Sprout’ range of mini-greenhouses goes from greenhouse only, with increasing levels of automation, to web-connected domestic vertical farms, allowing people to grow their own all year round in places that would not otherwise be suitable. Then for those fortunate enough to already have a greenhouse or polytunnel, ‘WaterMate’, Harvst’s automatic watering system, enables people to retrofit sensor and control tech along with all the irrigation kit into their enclosures, thereby automating one of the most significant variables in growing success.

Harvst co-founder Aron Wellband says: “We’d like Harvst to be instrumental in helping everyone grow more of their own food. Reducing food miles, food waste, plastic packaging, and developing the essential skills for growing your own food is incredibly important, particularly as we all transition to a more sustainable way of living.”

Securing double the original target investment from SFC Capital and angel investors, Harvst says will help bring greater visibility. The capital will allow them to increase their marketing efforts, putting the brand in front of customers who would have normally taken much longer to find them.

Aron says: “Whilst many of us are lucky to have a garden or access to an allotment, we want to create an easier way of growing for those with limited space and time. We consider the investment to be a real feather in our cap. Not only have our investors endorsed who we are, what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, but given the current economic outlook, it’s a real vote of confidence in our brand”.

Finally, Harvst added that the new capital will give them greater security and the ability to deliver their plans. With new products on the horizon and a growing commercial reach, you can expect to see Harvst’s name more frequently.