Sustainable Ventures invests into Concrete4Change

Investors in this round: Sustainable Ventures only

Concrete4Change (C4C) is a construction technology licensing company aiming to decarbonise the concrete industry. Their innovative technology involves permanently mineralising and locking CO2 from any industry into concrete through their patent pending carrier mechanism. C4C’s solution is 70% cheaper and 100% greener than current methods.

The manufacturing of concrete contributes 8% to global greenhouse gas emissions and the serviceable obtainable market for C4C’s technology is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2030, representing the size of the opportunity available. Key commercial partners are now in the process of testing material in various applications.

The team is led by Sid Pourfalah (CEO), a research fellow at the University of Sheffield Innovation Centre and has a PhD in construction. Michael Wise (CTO) brings over 10 years of experience in process technology scale-up along with a PhD in gas engineering. Dalraj Nijjar (CCO) brings experience of early-stage start-up acceleration and commercial development.

You can find out more information about C4C here: https://www.concrete4change.com/


Sustainable Ventures invests into Concrete4Change

Sustainable Ventures invests into Concrete4Change

By Stuart16 May 2022