Delio publishes its latest report ‘Digitising Private Markets’

We believe that technology will play a core role in the future of private markets. But how are financial institutions currently using digital tools, and what benefits are they seeing? We gathered the views of hundreds of firms internationally to explore their approach to technology adoption and how this is impacting their delivery of private markets services.

Private markets are playing an increasingly important role in the solutions that financial institutions offer to their wealthy clientele. Over the last decade, they consistently outperformed publicly listed investments, while changes in investor sentiment have driven increased demand for longer-term opportunities.

This change in approach has brought challenges for financial institutions; namely, how do they scale a part of their business that is operationally complex to deliver, requires strict regulatory governance and has traditionally been driven by personal relationships between client and adviser?

In our latest report, we discuss the digitisation of private markets and the impact that technology is having on service delivery, investor relations and client experience.

Download your free copy of the report here.


Delio publishes its latest report ‘Digitising Private Markets’

By Delio01 Oct 2020