Delio joins Plug and Play Fintech Europe programme

Fintech Europe Plug and Play Tech Quartier have selected eight fintech companies to become part of their dedicated fintech programme… and Delio is among them!We’re delighted to be part of this highly-regarded programme; it will open new doors for Delio as we’re given the opportunity to collaborate with an even wider breadth of leading financial institutions across Europe.

About Fintech Europe Plug and Play

Plug and Play is an innovation platform based out of Frankfurt, Germany, that brings together “the best startups and the world’s largest corporations”. The company has launched a fintech programme, providing young fintech companies with the opportunity to develop relationships and execute projects and investment opportunities with large financial firms, who are also part of this ecosystem.

Opening new doors for the Delio team

Being part of Fintech Europe Plug and Play’s latest batch is a great endorsement. It will allow Delio to work even more closely with top financial firms, showcase our technology and develop new ways for our digital tools to help support the financial services industry.

More importantly, as part of the programme, Delio will:

  • Meet some of Plug and Play’s corporate partners, including leading banks such as ABANCA, UniCredit, UBI Banca, Alfa-Bank, Deutsche Bank, Danske Bank and many more.
  • Kick-off new pilot projects with these businesses and present our solutions.
  • Access resources that will support us with the growth we have experienced, in turn, helping us to scale even further.
  • Meet fellow scale-ups within the fintech industry. We’re lucky to be in such a diverse sector, with lots of exciting companies, so we’re looking forward to sharing best practice and learning from one another!

Meet the other fintechs who are part of this batch

We look forward to being part of the programme alongside fellow fintechs ABAKACARTOEnvio SystemsMoxtraSESAMmSubaio, and fellow Wales-based fintech Vizolution.

Fernando Zornig, Program Director of Plug and Play’s Fintech Europe programme, said in a press release: “Even though COVID-19 has brought uncertainty to the market, it has also given way to a wide range of opportunities. Embracing innovation in finance is now more important than ever. We see a lot of changes in Europe, and I am confident that these solutions will help our corporate partners adapt to these changes faster.”

Delio joins Plug and Play Fintech Europe programme

By Delio01 Oct 2020