UKBAA CEO Jenny Tooth’s bi-weekly update – 30th May

Increasingly, as investors, we want to feel that what we’re backing is doing good. This is an increasing driver for many of our angel community, especially in the face of the current economic uncertainty.

Small businesses and start-ups are often leaders in global change and social purpose and we are seeing a growing number of innovative firms with a mission as the driving force for building and growing a successful business. Many of these businesses are also led by women founders or co-founders. At the same time, mission-led businesses are frequently a key source of attractiveness to women investors.

Research conducted by UK Business Angels Association found that giving back to society was one of the top four drivers for investors, along with financial return, a passion for seeing entrepreneurs grow and discovering innovation.

This is something that I discussed last week with Fleur Britten at the Sunday Times and was also highlighted in the same article by Sherry Coutu, serial tech investor and and Chair of Founders for Schools.

The importance of understanding the added value that Angels bring is vital for entrepreneurs seeking investment from Angel investors. I highlighted the huge role that angels play in providing experience, strategic advice , introduction to customers and markets as well as next level of funders, which I also discussed with Growth Business and Money Week. Many angels feel a responsibility to support the next generation of wealth creators.

Finally creating more connectivity for the angel ecosystem in the regions outside the golden triangle was very much a focus of our recent Connected Investing regional investment summits in both Manchester and Bristol, offering an opportunity to bring angel, VCs and other funding sources together to share insights and perspectives on investing in innovation.

I highlighted the importance of Angel Hubs as a key focus for connectivity when I announced the launch of the next UKBAA Angel Hub in Newcastle last week, alongside leading players such as Innovation Super Network and Invest Newcastle during my talk at Finance camp in Sunderland and which also was endorsed by Dragons Den Investor Jenny Campbell a successful Northern entrepreneur.

By UKBAA30 May 2019