Tokenise launch KABN, a new alternative to digital banking


As digital banking emerges as the primary way for Gen Z and Millennials to engage in financial services, KABN (www.kabn.network) offers a unique value proposition to engage with both traditional currencies and new digital currencies with a patent pending, Always On identity validation and verification solution, a low cost of customer acquisition, approval by VISA and global scalability.

  • VISA approved Digital Banking and Card Services for traditional and digital currencies platform positioned primarily to Gen Z and Millennials (ages 15 – 34) with Gen X and Boomers (Ages 35-64) also engaging
  • Initial rollout in the UK and EEA to start and we are currently reviewing offers from Canadian, US and Asia issuing partners with other regions to follow
  • Low cost of customer acquisition through KABN’s patent-pending, industry leading, proprietary Blockchain and Biometric enabled ID validation and verification platform. Commercial Clients bring Customers to KABN ID (“feeder network”) as KABN maintains their customer’s Always On ID verification
  • Global scalability with industry financial and technical service leaders, like Visa and Amazon AWS. KABN is fully GDPR compliant for global privacy standards
  • KABN’s platform manages traditional currencies (Fiat) and Digital Currencies (crypto, points, loyalty and incentive programs) making “points” and “crypto” spendable in the real world
  • Recent start-ups called challenger / neo banks have attracted significant customer life-time valuations, typically between $500 – $800 USD per customer

The Business Program:

KABN’s business program is divided into four (4) separate areas, all working together to create a unified economic platform coupled with low-cost Customer Acquisition and Program Scalability.

  1. Identity Validation and Verification — KABN ID is a patent pending, Always On, GDPR compliant, blockchain and biometrically-based, identity verification and validation platform.
  2. Approved Visa Card Program — KABN’s Pegasus Flyte Visa Card provides Customers with the ability to manage traditional currencies (fiat), digital and cryptocurrencies everywhere that Visa is accepted.
  3. Mobile Banking Wallet — KABN’s Mobile Banking Wallet offers Customers an integrated multi-currency, global ATM access and digital currency
  4. Loyalty and Engagement — KABN’s loyalty and engagement program, KABN KASH, offers Customers a robust loyalty and engagement program to support, encourage and reward platform activity.

Low Cost of Customer Acquisition

In contrast to the industry standard of high cost advertising campaigns and high cost of customer acquisition, KABN’s integrated platform benefits from a low-cost of Customer acquisition through the integration of its identity solution. KABN’s identity validation and verification program provides qualified users with inclusion in KABN’s platform with much of the costs of this program borne by KABN’s clients. This methodology provides a “feeder” network for KABN’s Customer Program and benefits our Clients by providing a subsidised Biometric and Blockchain based KYC / AML, GDPR compliant onboarding program for their needs.


KABN is working with industry leading partners for both technology services and integration, like Amazon AWS and major banking partners globally to manage its regulatory compliance, source of truth validation and verification that have significant operations to support KABN’s scalability. KABN’s technology infrastructure has been built to take advantage of legacy specialisation of centralised technologies while including the flexibility of today’s, and tomorrow’s, Blockchain and other decentralised technologies.

The Investment Offering:

KABN is conducting a fully compliant equity offering with UK based Tokenise (www.tokenise.io).

Private Sale Offering

In association with Tokenise, Qualified Investors can review proper documentation for the purchase of KABN Equity Units consisting of one (1) Preference Share and one-half (1/2) Preference Share option at a price of $0.15 USD per Equity Unit.

Upon the completion of the Company’s Token Generation Event, equity will be available as both conventional shares and accompanying Tokens for trading on qualified exchanges.

Documentation for this offering is available upon request.

Early Public Crowdsale Offering

In association with the Tokenise Crowdfunding platform, KABN will be conducting a crowdfunding Equity Offering. Qualified Investors that would rather participate in this program, or do not meet the exemptions for the private sale, are welcome to participate.

The Early KABN Crowdfunding Equity offering consists of one (1) KABN Preference Share at a price of $0.20 USD per share.

Equity will be available, 28 days following the closing of the offering as both conventional shares and accompanying Tokens for trading on the Tokenise platform.

Documentation for this offering will be available from Tokenise.

The combined offering of the Private Sale and the Early and Regular Public Crowdsale Offering will not exceed 8 Million Euros.


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About KABN

KABN, an integrated financial service platform offering digital banking type solutions, has received approval by Visa to launch its crypto-linked card and banking wallet program. KABN has partnered with Transact Payments Ltd, a European e-money institution and Principal Member of Visa, global processor GPS and platform technology provider Pannovate to launch the program in the UK and subsequently the EEA in the 2nd quarter of the year. Learn more at www.kabn.network

By Tokenise18 Apr 2019