Green Angels find an appetite for insects

Green Angel Syndicate announced today that its members are supporting one of the pioneers in the insect protein revolution.

Green Angel Syndicate is investing in a £600,000 funding round for Entomics Biosystems, a Cambridge-based technology company at the forefront of the rapidly growing insect protein sector.

Entomics has developed an intelligent, containerised, automated insect factory. Food waste goes in at one end. Black soldier fly larvae emerge at the other, and are fed directly to chicken on a poultry farm. The chickens are happier and healthier because they get a more natural and nutritious diet. Food waste is diverted from landfill, and greenhouse gas emissions are cut. The soy required to feed the chickens is reduced, together with the environmental damage caused by soy farming. Poultry farmers benefit from improved animal welfare, and their supermarket customers can offer premium eggs to consumers from a more eco-friendly supply chain. Consumers get a healthier product. Indeed, everyone is happy – except perhaps the black soldier fly larvae.

Entomics has a second technology – a microbial fermentation process that treats dried insect protein to boost its nutritional qualities to compete with the fishmeal currently fed to salmon and other species in fish farms. Most fishmeal is made from small fish caught off the Pacific coast of South America. This is appallingly wasteful and environmentally damaging, as it decimates a vital part of the natural marine food chain. Entomics’ technology will make insect protein a viable alternative to fishmeal.

Green Angel Syndicate has invested alongside Greek venture fund Metavallon and angel syndicate Cambridge Agritech. Matt Maclaren, Entomics’ CEO, said “We are delighted to have these specialist and experienced groups as investors and look forward to the added value they can bring.”

Simon Acland, GAS Director, who managed the investment on behalf of GAS, said “We are buzzing with excitement about our investment in Entomics. We look forward to soldiering on and helping the company to fly. The waste to larvae to hens to eggs model is elegant in the extreme, and microbial fermentation of insect protein has the potential to transform the fish farm feed market. Innovations like this are essential if we are to come close to meeting the 70% increase in demand from human beings for animal protein predicted by 2030.”

About Green Angel Syndicate:

  • Green Angel Syndicate is the only specialist green angel syndicate in the UK, made up of a network of smart investors who are committed to the transition to agreener economy. We support early stage technology companies developing products and solutions specifically for a more efficient and sustainable use of global resources.
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    Nick Lyth at nick@greenangelsyndicate.com

For press information contact David Sheridan david@greenangelsyndicate.com

About Entomics Ltd:

  • Entomics develops targeted value-added engineering and biological tools for optimising the insect-based bioconversion of low value waste feedstocks – such as food waste and manure – into high value agricultural products like animal feed. The company comprises four recent University of Cambridge graduates with backgrounds in biochemistry, biology, engineering and business.

For press information contact Matt McLaren matt@entomics.com