Migration Advisory Committee MAC Consultation on Tier 1 Visa Scheme

UKBAA was part of the expert Consultation group on the workings of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. We are delighted that the Government has responded positively to UKBAA’s recommendations in response to its recent review of the rules surrounding the Entrepreneur Visa, Tier 1 and Graduate Visa. The Migration Advisory Committee has agreed with our recommendation that Angel finance can be seen as a valid source, but would seek to work with UKBAA to identify an approved list of syndicates or groups or specific individual Angel investors who would be eligible to back these entrepreneurs. The Government has identified the opportunity to include angel investors as part of the selection process and to work with UKBAA to create a more relevant and effective process to identify the entrepreneurs most likely to achieve a successful business.



By UKBAA05 May 2015