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Geri Cupi

CEO, Twig

Geri Cupi, a serial entrepreneur, founded Twig, the Bank of Things in July 2020. Since then, Twig raised >$41M and became the fastest growing fintechs in Europe, getting over 1 million downloads in under 290 days. Consequently, Twig has also become the number one fintech app in Italy, one of the top apps in the US and number 2 in the app store in the UK. In 2022, Twig won Fast Company’s award as the World’s Changing Idea. Geri Cupi was also listed as a Forbes 30 under 30 for Retail and Ecommerce in 2020 whereby he co-founded Monochain (the world’s first NFT deployment in the fashion industry), Social DNA  (which was acquired by Levi’s).  In addition, Geri supports academic endeavours, acted as a visiting lecturer at the University of Bath and Edinburgh, as well as UCL.