SeedLegals launches the future of pitching

No more huge files clogging up your inbox! SeedLegals have made it easier for founders to share their deck, video and info with investors in a single click.

The new SeedLegals Pitch service is FREE for everyone. Founders can set up a Pitch page in minutes, update it in real-time, and follow progress with the Investor Tracker.

Pitching the old way is outdated

Until now, investors have needed the skills of a detective to hunt down information about companies they’re interested in. There’s the company’s website, social media and LinkedIn profiles, then their pitch deck, financial info, details about the funding round. And because you might be talking to several companies at once, you need to maintain meticulous and extensive records to keep track of where you in all your conversations.

SeedLegals Pitch changes all that – by presenting the information you need all in one place. Founders can ping you the link to their Pitch page by email or text, and update their page anytime so you know you’re always looking at the most recent version.

Register interest, in one click

Pitch includes a built-in Investor Tracker. Founders get a notification every time an investor registers interest in their company, with the details automatically appearing in their Tracker.

Find out more

For founders, it’s free to use Pitch. To get started, they can register or log into SeedLegals and go to Pitch on the left side-bar.

Pitch is also free for investors. When a founder sends you a link to their Pitch page, you’ll just need to click to confirm your status as an investor, then you’ll be able to view their page.

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SeedLegals launches the future of pitching

By Suzanne Worthington24 Nov 2021