Science Angel Syndicate launches to invest in world-class scientific discoveries and provide unique scientific due diligence

When assessing science-based start-ups, Angel Investors need to have a thorough understanding of the quality and relevance of the scientific data today and a clear picture of the development feasibility moving forward. Scientific data also needs to be understood in the context of the potential market and customers: What information and experimental proof of concept are necessary for adoption/partnering/licensing? Assessing these risks during due diligence is often challenging, especially for companies at the intersection of science and technology where skillsets across biotech and computer science might be required. Ultimately, it requires both Investors and Scientists, which is why Dr Johnathan Matlock and Dr Ben Miles have launched Science Angel Syndicate.

By providing unique scientific due diligence Science Angel Syndicate will help Angel Investors to source world-class scientific discoveries and identify exceptional investment opportunities. Science Angel Syndicate aims to use the collective knowledge of its membership to invest in the most exciting companies of tomorrow, founded by leading scientists at the forefront of their fields. Discovering companies that can grow rapidly and tackle the most important global challenges.

Commenting on the motivations behind launching Science Angel Syndicate Dr Johnathan Matlock said “Our society is entering the fifth industrial revolution, where the fundamental sciences of biology, chemistry and physics are augmented with automation, robotics and computer science. This industrial revolution will unlock entirely new frontiers of development and financial opportunity. As a society we urgently need to secure the future health of people and our planet. The societal challenges we face are time critical, whether that’s underpinning how we respond to global pandemics or how we tackle climate change and global warming. Scientific discoveries enabled by Industry 5.0 are fundamentally part of the solution, but the challenge for investors is understanding which technologies are world-leading, whilst also understanding which technologies have the best chance of commercialisation. Our ability to understand and invest in these technologies will come to define humanity in the 21st century and underpin how we secure our future. Securing our future also plays into an important growing trend of professional investors who want to use their investments as a force for good. We believe that investment in scientific discoveries can offer this opportunity: Financial Returns aligned with Societal Impact.”

Dr Ben Miles also added that “Science Angel Syndicate will support its sophisticated investor membership to form their own opinion on the merits of an opportunity and remove the barriers to investing in exceptional scientists and founders. We aim to become the UK’s leading source of deal flow for science investment opportunities, and we also aim to become the go-to co-investor for any early-stage science investment because our unique expertise will set us apart.

Science Angel Syndicate is actively recruiting new Angel Investors to join its community. If you want to invest alongside scientists, learn about frontier science innovations and impact the world around you through your investments head over to www.scienceangelsyndicate.com and register your interest today.

Science Angel Syndicate launches to invest in world-class scientific discoveries and provide unique scientific due diligence

By ScienceAngelSyndicate10 Jun 2021