PACP – 2021 Investment Successes and Round Up

Whether it be our business advisory or fund-raising activities, we are a highly experienced and expert group of partners and these strengths have been key to another successful year despite the challenging and unique circumstances that we, our clients and investors have faced through 2021.

These strengths and calm heads have proved vital in helping our businesses and founders to navigate the unpredictable world they face whether the focus has been on rethinking strategy, improving revenue growth, coping with supply chain uncertainties, securing investment or inspiring their teams and customers.

We suspect more of the same for 2022 and therefore find ourselves better equipped than ever to add real value to our clients and investors.

2021 Investment Successes and Round Up

  • 3rd ROCK – Fashion & Sustainability
  • Tonic Health – Health & Wellbeing
  • Boulevard – Consumer Tech & Marketplace
  • 2Hand – Consumer Tech & Sustainability
  • Vice Reversa – Health & Beauty
  • Reeev – Consumer Fashion