Marla Shapiro

Marla worked in IT and structured finance on Wall Street, in NYC, then moved into the media space, working for the next 15 years in digital print, music and film in the US, UK and Europe. She also started media technology advisory business, Front Yard Consulting.

Marla started angel investing part-time in 2018 and seeing the lack of opportunities for women in angel investing, set up HERmesa in 2020. The group has now grown to a community of over 100 women and aligned men, bringing ‘‘smart capital’ to female co-founded start-ups at pre-seed and seed stage. Marla’s investment focus is on digital media; eCommerce; marketplace; ed tech; agritech; health tech and her current portfolio includes: The Shellworks; Improve Well; Particity; Sxollie; Bywaytravel.