Louise Tait

Louise has spent most of her life in journalism, holding roles at the BBC and Scottish TV, before setting up a company to provide media training to senior business executives. Several of her clients were in the finance and capital markets space, giving her insight into the world of investment. Louise began building a broad investment portfolio in 2006 but recognising that she wanted more involvement in the businesses she was backing, she started Angel investing in 2016, via syndicates including Scottish-based Archangels and Kelvin Capital.

To date, she has made 30 investments in 15 businesses, including follow on rounds and one exit. Her investments focus on healthcare, biotech and environmental sustainability and recent investments include Dyneval, a woman-led Agritech cattle fertility company. Louise is keen to explore further investments in Scottish female founders, and has recently joined MINT Ventures, an all-female angel group in Scotland.