About the Hub

The Sheffield Angel Hub is brought to you by the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA), the trade body for early-stage investors and proudly supported by Venture Community, a community dedicated to actively supporting angel investors. The Hub has been brought to life as a space for like-minded Angel investors to connect, regardless of experience or investment goals. The hub stands as a testament to UKBAA’s commitment to supporting and catalysing early-stage investor connectivity within regional ecosystems.

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Local Champion

Peter Hopton

Peter Hopton: Founder of Icetope, Very PC, and Venture.Community. Peter knows first-hand the intricacies of the Founder’s journey and is an exited Founder and active Angel investor. With his experience and expertise in founding, scaling and exiting. Peter is now turning his attention to adding value across the ecosystem in his beloved home of South Yorkshire.

Currently, Peter is accelerating a cluster of Startups under his LTD, Red Paisley. These Startups include Productive Machines, BOW, and TUBR. Pete specialises in the high-tech digital infrastructure sector, predominantly at the seed and early growth stages.

Recently Peter won Insiders Entrepreneur of the Month for his work in securing investment and enabling venture to a myriad of companies in the region.

The marriage of his experiences as a Founder, Mentor and Angel, prompted him to launch Venture.Community, the largest Founder-Focused Events and Accelerator program in South Yorkshire. As local champion, Peter has both an extensive network and firm grasp on the investment opportunities in the ecosystem. Always striving to bring Investors to the best Founder, Peter is the perfect bridge to help you explore the fast movers and hyper-scalers in South Yorkshire.


  • Discounted E-learning courses: Through the Sheffield Angel Hub you will receive exclusive discounts on educational seminars and masterclasses run by UKBAA as part of their Angel enablement programs.
  • An ideal location: In the heart of the Advanced Manufacturing District, just outside the city of Sheffield. Easily commutable and home to the best Material Science research facilities in Europe.
  • Year-round Events: We organise networking events, workshops, and seminars to facilitate investor connections.
  • Event Space: Includes our Venture Restaurant, meeting rooms and fantastic events spaces.
  • Superfast Wi-Fi: A reliable and high-speed internet connection for productivity and research.
  • Ampere Coffee: Including AI-powered Coffee. The perfect location to connect with others, and host business meetings, dinners and events.
  • Private Meeting Rooms: We provide spaces for confidential discussions and negotiations.
  • Deal-flow Platform Access: Joining our hub will give you access to a centralised database to navigate investment opportunities.


The Sheffield Angel Hub is a safe space for investors seeking unique opportunities for collaboration, idea sharing, and networking in a dynamic environment.

At the Sheffield Angel Hub, we are creating a community where investors come together at a variety of events to foster collaboration, exchange ideas, and build meaningful connections. This focus on the collective ensures interactions with fellow investors lead to genuine and valuable conversations. This proximity to the abundance of innovation on display in Sheffield & South Yorkshire.

Sheffield Hub
Sheffield Hub


  • Angel Enablement Workshops: Physical workshops form UKBAA members and regional Angel Investors to learn and connect.
  • Investment Workshops: Interactive sessions on portfolio diversification, emerging market trends, and effective investment strategies led by industry experts.
  • Educational Seminars: Covering due diligence, regulatory updates, and the impact of emerging technologies on investments.
  • Pitch Sessions: Startups showcase their ideas, offering investors opportunities to evaluate and connect with entrepreneurs seeking funding.
  • Accelerator Engagement: Early access to hyper-scaling startups through our Venture Community initiative.
  • Networking Mixers: Informal gatherings to meet fellow investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals from various sectors.
  • Panel Discussions: Insights from successful investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders on industry developments.
  • Innovation Showcases: Highlighting cutting-edge technologies and startups, with demos and interactions with founders.
  • Investor Roundtables: Intimate discussions on specific sectors or investment opportunities, allowing for knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Dinners/Lunches/Breakfast/Coffee: Sit-down meals to forge relationships and converse with other innovative investors.

Our events help investors stay updated on regional opportunities while fostering individual growth and community interconnectivity. Join us to explore all potential investment avenues and enhance your investment journey.

AMP Technology Centre, Brunel Way, S60 5WG