About the Hub

A place to connect, network and meet other like-minded investors. No matter your experience or investment goals, find a space to bring life to new ideas in a state-of-the-art office space. Located in the heart of Manchester, Bloc is proudly hosted by Bruntwood SciTech who is committed to fostering the advancement of the science and technology sector. This endeavour is in collaboration with Manchester Angels, a network dedicated to actively supporting the angel investor community in Manchester. Brought to you by UK Business Angels Association, the trade body for early-stage investors, has played a pivotal role in bringing the Manchester Angel Hub to life, marking a significant collaboration between Bruntwood SciTech and Manchester Angels. UKBAA Serve as the trade body for early-stage investors, the Manchester Angel Hub stands as a testament to the UKBAA’s commitment to supporting and catalysing early-stage investment and business development.

In partnership with
Manchester Angels
Bruntwood ScitTech
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Praetura Ventures

Local Champion

David Levine

David Levine is at the helm of Manchester Angels in his role as the driving force behind the network. David also takes on the significant responsibility of serving as the Local Champion for the Angel Hub.

In this dual capacity, David leverages his extensive expertise to guide and support the thriving startup ecosystem, ensuring that early-stage businesses in Manchester receive the attention, mentorship, and investment they need to flourish.

His multifaceted role embodies Manchester Angels’ commitment to nurturing the region’s most promising technology ventures and bolstering the city’s position as a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.



          Bloc Bringing balance to business within an urban oasis:

  • An ideal location: Between King Street and Market Street in Manchester’s city centre.
  • Year-round Events: We organise networking events, workshops, and seminars to facilitate investor connections.
  • Event Space: Includes a coworking studio, cinema room, meeting rooms and events auditorium.
  • Superfast Wi-Fi: A reliable and high-speed internet connection for productivity and research.
  • Tea & Coffee: Independent coffee shop by Trove offer refreshments to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Private Meeting Rooms: We provide spaces for confidential discussions and negotiations.


The Hub is an exclusive haven for investors seeking unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, idea sharing, and expanding your network within a dynamic and focused environment. The Angel Hub is designed exclusively for investors, providing a unique space tailored to meet the needs of discerning individuals like you.

Here at Manchester Angel Hub, we understand the importance of fostering meaningful connections and nurturing innovative ideas. Our space is curated to facilitate interactions among like-minded investors, creating a vibrant ecosystem where brilliant minds converge. Here, you’ll find a community of forward-thinking investors, all driven by the shared passion for investing in groundbreaking ventures.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to maintaining an environment strictly dedicated to investors. This singular focus ensures that your interactions are exclusively with fellow investors, allowing for authentic and valuable conversations.

Manchester Angel Hub
Manchester Angel Hub
Manchester Angel Hub


At Manchester Angel Hub, we curate a diverse range of events tailored exclusively for investors. These events are designed to foster collaboration, idea exchange, and meaningful connections within our exclusive community. Here’s a glimpse of the events you can expect:

  • Investment Workshops: Engage in interactive workshops led by industry experts, covering topics such as portfolio diversification, emerging market trends, and effective investment strategies.
  • Pitch Sessions: Participate in pitch sessions where promising startups showcase their ideas. Investors can evaluate potential opportunities and connect with entrepreneurs seeking funding.
  • Networking Mixers: Join our networking mixers to meet fellow investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals from various sectors. These informal gatherings provide a platform for meaningful conversations and collaboration.
  • Panel Discussions: Attend panel discussions featuring successful investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Gain valuable insights, learn from real-life experiences, and stay updated on the latest industry developments.
  • Innovation Showcases: Explore innovation showcases highlighting cutting-edge technologies and startups. Investors can interact with founders, explore demos, and assess investment prospects in emerging industries.
  • Investor Roundtables: Participate in intimate investor roundtable discussions focusing on specific sectors or investment opportunities. Share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate with peers who share your interests.
  • Educational Seminars: Attend educational seminars covering topics such as due diligence best practices, regulatory updates, and the impact of emerging technologies on investments.

These events provide a platform for investors to stay informed, collaborate with fellow members, and explore potential investment avenues. Join us at Manchester Angel Hub and immerse yourself in a vibrant ecosystem of learning, collaboration, and growth.


Bloc. Bloc 17, Marble St, Manchester M2 3AW