Know Your Membership Part 7: Finding dealflow and supporting your founders


Welcome to part 7 of our Know Your Membership series where we take you through aspects of UKBAA membership, learn a little more about how they work and how best to use them. You can check out our earlier entries in the series at the links below:

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We’ve reached the penultimate edition of our Know Your Membership series and we’ve saved some of the best content ‘til last. This week we’re focusing on the lifeblood for investors: dealflow. For those new to the industry, this is the catch-all term for how much and how fast investors find and receive investment opportunities. Of course, this means that UKBAA works hard to help support our members in their search for dealflow and often in the same stroke we offer ways for you to support your founders, which we’ll explore below.

One of the best ways to boosting your dealflow is also a time tested classic: the pitch event. As a standard, UKBAA hosts around 10 pitching events a year and we organise them to focus on different sectors each time. This way we can ensure each is focused to ensure that when you sign up you know exactly what kind of start-ups you’re going to see. We normally host 10 founders who, crucially, are drawn from reaching out to our members. Prior to these events we reach out to you to let you know that you can nominate founders to pitch. From the dozens of nominations our judges whittle down the top ten who go on to pitch creating events where you can support your founders by helping them get exposure to other investors while also getting exposed to only the highest quality and investment ready deals.

Fig 1: TechInvest home page

Our pitching events are hosted with the support of a variety of our partners and a great example of this is our TechInvest series, run in partnership with the Mayor of London’s Office. Running for a number of years now, TechInvest has covered a wide range of sectors including Greentech, fintech, govtech and many more. Nearly 150 founders have had the opportunity to pitch, it has seen £2.1 billion in investment capacity with £165m total investment and a 25% investment rate. You can learn more about TechInvest here.

Fig 2: TechInvest Stats

What’s more we provide the opportunity for all founders who pitch to post their deals directly to the DealShare platform. This supplementary service helps to ensure our members have easy access to review the deals they saw as we upload the full event but also post the individual pitches that each founder gives to their deal pages. This is a great way to leverage interest off the events by ensuring that you can review deals you were interested in but also providing your founders that bit more exposure to a trusted network of fellow investors. You can review information about DealShare in our earlier article on it here.

As a member of UKBAA we’ll be contacting you prior to our pitching events and in general, will be contacting you with member exclusive updates and information. So please do keep an eye out for those emails in particular alerting you to our upcoming pitching events and requesting nominations for them too. If you have any questions about the events, nominating founders, DealShare or anything else then please do get in touch with the Membership Manager at thomas.charles@ukbaa.org.uk who will be more than happy to help.

Next week we’ll be finishing the series by looking at our Angel Hubs, our co-working spaces dotted around the UK free for members to use.

By UKBAA14 Sep 2021