Know Your Membership Part 6: Membership Directory


Welcome to part 6 of our Know Your Membership series where we take you through aspects of UKBAA membership, learn a little more about how they work and how best to use them. You can check out our earlier entries in the series at the links below:

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Over the summer we’ve looked at a variety of services that you might describe as active, tools you use to reach out to our network, your fellow members, founders and so on. This week we’re looking at something that’s a little move passive and automatic, a service that requires only a little effort to get going but can result in a big payoff down the line.

We are of course talking about our humble yet mighty Membership Directory. At its core the directory is a simple thing: a listing of every organisation member of UKBAA. All of our angel groups, accelerators and incubators, online platforms, investment funds and more are represented here making it arguably the most comprehensive list of its kind in the UK. Today we’re going to look at the directory, how our organisation members can maximise the impact of their profiles and how you can use it as an effective networking tool.

As a comprehensive listing of all of our members the Membership Directory is a very useful repository of information and at first glance, possibly a bit intimidating to work your way through. With over 200 member organisations it’s a big job to actually find the right organisation for you but fortunately the directory has multiple filters (see Fig 1) that you can use to break it down into much more manageable chunks. Once you’ve found some candidate organisations for your purpose whether that’s connecting with angel groups, finding sources of dealflow, searching for a specific kind of legal service or otherwise, you can look at the profile of the member to find out more about them.

Fig 1: The Membership Directory with a focus on filters

Each profile is a goldmine of essential information about what the organisation does, the services it provides, the investment rounds it operates in, sector interest and more. The profiles also contain direct links to each organisation’s website and crucially, a webform that you can use to contact the organisation directly. Simply fill the form in and your message will be emailed via UKBAA’s servers to a contact person at the organisation who can then answer your query.

But how did we create this database of our members and more importantly, how do our members ensure their data is accurate and up to date? Quite simply we ask for this information when our members complete their onboarding forms and pop it in for you then. Once that information is uploaded it can be directly edited by anyone logging into the organisation’s main login and clicking on the appropriate link in the top bar of the Members Area (see Fig 2). Once you’ve done this, update the fields, save the updates and you’re done! It’s really that simple but maintaining the accuracy of this information is something we very strongly encourage.

Fig 2: Updating your Membership Directory Profile

This maintenance is because the Membership Directory is one of the highest traffic areas of the website with visitors on both sides of the founder/investor divide. As such you never know who is viewing your profile, whether they’re a potential client, customer or otherwise a person of interest. With a tiny investment of time to ensure your details are up to date you can reel in some potentially extremely useful contacts, making your directory profile one of the most efficient services we provide. This is one of the reasons it’s very important to ensure a dedicated contact person is monitoring the messages that come in from your profile. Nobody wants to miss out on an interesting contact person because their details are out of date and it would be even more frustrating to miss out on that message because it came into a less monitored inbox. To update who is receiving those emails just email our Membership Manager Thomas Charles at thomas.charles@ukbaa.org.uk to request an update.

Any time you need to connect with one of your fellow members and aren’t sure of how to do so or who the best person to contact is you can simply check out the directory and reach out to them directly; or use one of the other methods of contacting your fellow members mentioned in our previous post. So get logged in, make sure your profile is up to date and get searching for those interesting groups! If you’re having trouble updating your directory profile or using it at all then please do get in touch with the Membership Manager as above who will be more than happy to help.

Next week we’ll be looking at finding dealflow through your membership and how to nominate your founders for our pitching events.

By UKBAA07 Sep 2021