Know Your Membership Part 3: E-Learning


Welcome to part 3 of our Know Your Membership series where we take you through aspects of UKBAA membership, learn a little more about how they work and how best to use them. You can check out our first and second parts of the series at the links below.

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This week’s edition focuses on our e-learning programme, The Effective Angel Investor. This programme is the first and only e-learning course for angel investors. Designed by UKBAA with the assistance of 22 leading UK business angels, it takes you through the entire investing journey from finding your first deal to making a successful exit and touches on key aspects of early stage investing along the way including S/EIS tax breaks, the importance of angel groups and more. The course was designed with more than individual investors in mind and is extremely helpful for anyone who operates in the ecosystem and wants to better understand the journey.

Fig 1: The Effective Angel Investor home page

While the course is open to all for the price of £499 members all receive a flat £250 discount, halving the cost of access. To use this discount simply put in your UKBAA member code when purchasing access. This can be found in your welcome email, but please contact our Membership Manager Thomas Charles if you have difficulty finding or accessing the code.

For our Individual Investors we have a special deal that can be taken advantage of upon joining UKBAA. As a package deal you can purchase your first year of membership plus access to the course for £300. To access this simply click the appropriate option as you complete the form. You may also be eligible for free access to the course by way of your membership with an angel group, so please do check with them if they have become e-learning affiliates.

Fig 2: E-Learning deal option in application form

That leads neatly to the question, what does it mean to be an e-learning affiliate? We work together with a number of our angel groups and organisation members to help provide access to our course at an even further reduced rate than the 50% discount all members can enjoy. This is usually done by the angel group purchasing bulk access to the course for even less than £250 per head, to then distribute amongst their members at their leisure. This is a great way to help distribute access to the course to an even wider audience and provide a further selling point to your organisation! If you’re interested in accessing this please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

As always if you would like to learn more about our e-learning course, the various discounts available and which is the best for you or anything else discussed in this article please get in touch with our Membership Manager Thomas Charles at thomas.charles@ukbaa.org.uk.

Next week we’ll be looking at networking with UKBAA, how best to connect with your fellow members and our wider network!

By UKBAA17 Aug 2021