Know Your Membership Part 2: DealShare and how to use it


Welcome to part 2 of our Know Your Membership series where we take you through aspects of UKBAA membership, learn a little more about how they work and how best to use them. You can check out our first part of the series focusing on posting your news and events here.

This week we’re talking about our DealShare platform. It is our private deal discovery platform designed to improve deal flow and create co investment opportunities for the UKBAA community. DealShare does this by providing you with the opportunity to browse and list live, active investment opportunities. We ensure the platform is completely free and easy to access by ensuring that it is not a deal execution platform: no transactions can take place online. Instead, if you find a deal you’re interested in you can leave your contact details securely with the founder to begin a conversation. Currently over 70 deals are live at any one time from all sectors and every founder is invited to create their deal page by a fellow member of the UKBAA. Look out for a future instalment of Know Your Membership to learn more about this process in the coming weeks!

Accessing DealShare is very easy. It exists as a separate site that you can access by logging into the Members Area (fig1). Upon joining UKBAA you’ll have been sent an invitation to create an investor account by our Membership Manager and you can use the login details you created at this time to access the platform. It’s important to be aware that these login details are different to your Members Area logins. If you have any trouble getting access to the platform or aren’t sure if you have login details please get in touch with our Membership Manager Thomas Charles at thomas.charles@ukbaa.org.uk and he’ll be able to get you access.

Fig 1: How to access DealShare from the Members Area

Once you’re in you’ll see the home page. In addition to the deals themselves there are a number of news articles UKBAA have posted where you can view past pitching events (fig 2). The meat of the site are the deals and once you click view all deals you will be able to browse all the deals we have live (fig 3). Of course, browsing through 70-80 deals or more can be a bit daunting and to help you find the deal that’s right for you we have filters and advanced filters (fig 4) at the very top of the page.

Fig 2: News page

Fig 3: Browse deals page

These can help focus your search and when you find the right deal simply click on it to learn more. Each deal page has a wealth of information to help you get to grips with it and when you find one you want to learn more about you have two options. You can either use the Q&A tab to submit a simple question, or alternatively you can request more information. The latter option is the main way in which you can get in touch with a founder to discuss possible investment as you are able to leave your preferred contact details for them to use to get in touch off-platform. You can think of DealShare as a shop window that you can use to browse a wide variety of deals.

Fig 4: DealShare Filters

Now you know how to access the platform and browse deals you may find yourself thinking “I’ve invested in a great deal that needs help hitting its funding target, how can I get them on here?” Fortunately the process is quick and easy, simply log in to the Members Area and right next to the access DealShare option you’ll find one that gives you the opportunity to nominate a founder to post their deal to the platform. A key part of DealShare is ensuring every live deal is investment ready and to ensure this we employ two levels of filtering. First and as mentioned above, we ensure that only deals nominated by our trusted community or who have pitched at one of our events are approved to be posted. Second, deals need to meet our five minimum requirements to prove they are investment ready, as listed below.

UKBAA’s 5 DealShare Minimum Requirements

  1. Past Proof of Concept Stage: the business must have passed the “Proof of Concept” stage and have some commercial traction or validated product market fit.
  2. S/EIS Eligible: the deal must be eligible for EIS, SEIS or SITR. It can be structured as straight equity or ASA or SAFE.
  3. UK Based: the founders and the core business activities must be predominantly based in the UK.
  4. Raising £100k-£5m: Any funding round must be more than £100k and less than £5m.
  5. 20% Funded: The deal needs to have at least 20% of the funding round promised or committed from other investors.

If the deal meets these requirements are happy to invite the founder to the platform to build out their deal page. Once you click the link to nominate a founder you’ll be taken to a short form where we gather key details to verify your membership status, the details required to invite the founder to create their founder account and you have the opportunity to confirm the deal meets the minimum requirements listed above. Once the form is complete we verify the details and then invite the founder to the platform and our Membership Manager is able to directly assist them in getting their deal live.

If you would like to learn more about DealShare whether finding the right deal for you or helping your founders get on the platform please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Membership Manager Thomas Charles at Thomas.charles@ukbaa.org.uk.

Tune in next Tuesday for the next in our Know Your Membership series where we’ll be exploring our e-learning programme “The Effective Investor”, how to get access to this and get the most out of your membership discount!

By UKBAA10 Aug 2021