Green Angel Syndicate completes deal with Good Club

Green Angel Syndicate announced today that it has completed an investment in online, sustainable grocer, Good Club, as part of a £900k raise.

Good Club is an online grocer, selling over 2,000 sustainable staples (70% ambient food, 30% non-food), delivered to consumers nationwide direct from wholesalers.

The next step in its mission to help people live more sustainable lifestyles is to aim to become the world’s first zero-waste online supermarket by developing reusable product packaging along with logistics technology to tackle the single-use plastic crisis head-on.

Single-use plastic has created one of the biggest environmental emergencies of our time. Supermarket supply chains are so reliant on plastics – in the UK alone they produce 800,000 tonnes of disposable plastic each year.

Good Club is on a mission to cut waste by:

  • Distributing and collecting product packaging and delivery boxes for reuse, without extra expense
  • Encouraging good customer behaviour with a returnable deposit scheme on reusable packaging
  • Partnering with brands to package using Good Club reusable packaging
  • Offering a free recycling service for items that aren’t recycled by the customer’s local authority

Good Club cut costs by focusing on buying staples, not selling fresh food and cutting out middlemen.

Ben Patten, founder and CEO of Good Club said, ‘Our aim is to make household staples truly sustainable and accessible to all, in terms of how products are made, used and priced. To help as many people as possible gain access to our service, we will need to be innovative throughout: with the design of the website, the packaging, marketing, the business model and more. This latest investment round will help us grow to scale economies, develop the closed loop and build our tribe.’

Cam Ross of Green Angel Syndicate, said, ‘Good Club was the first potential investment we looked at after the Covid 19 pandemic began, so we were a little apprehensive what the response from our Members might be. We needn’t have worried at all. GAS Members were quick to see the strong environmental and commercial potential of Good Club and were hugely impressed by Ben and his team. We are delighted to be playing such a big part in helping Good Club to achieve its ambition.’

Good Club is currently continuing its funding on Crowdcube – the deadline is midnight on Monday 27th June 2020.


About Good Club:

  • Good Club is on a mission to make sustainable products accessible to everyone. For too long organic and sustainable products have been too expensive and too hard to find. Good Club plan to change this by reducing the supply chain and cutting overheads, turning the economics and accessibility of sustainable goods on its head.
  • With Good Club, you can shop online keep your family stocked with sustainable staples of the highest quality and at wholesale prices, delivered to your door via zero waste and carbon neutral delivery.


Good Club is currently continuing its funding on Crowdcube – the deadline is midnight on Monday 27th June 2020.

Contact: Ben Patten ben@goodclub.co.uk

About Green Angel Syndicate:

  • Green Angel Syndicate is the only angel investment syndicate in the UK specialising in the fight against climate change and global warming. We support early stage technology companies developing products and solutions specifically for a more efficient and sustainable use of global resources.
  • If you want to find out more about becoming a green angel, contact Nick Lyth at nick@greenangelsyndicate.com

Contact: Nick Lyth on 07802 150053

Green Angel Syndicate completes deal with Good Club

By Green Angel Syndicate21 Jul 2020