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Nick Button Brown

Angel Investor

Nick is an Angel Investor in Gaming and has worked in senior positions across the tech and games industry for more than 20 years. He has invested in a number of games companies including Flick Games and LightHeart Entertainment. He works as Chair at Outright Games, a publisher of licensed games for kids; as a Board Member at Coherence, a technology company supporting connected games, which raised a significant seed round supported by First Minute Capital; as a Board Member at Loveshark, a Mobile AR start-up with a seed round supported by Index, as an Advisor at Payload Studios, developers of Terratech; as an Advisor to a number of VC funds interested in the game space, as an Advisor to Ori, an edge computing startup, and to Gameye, delivering multiplayer solutions.

Nick helped grow Improbable, a tech start-up that raised more than $600m, with backers including Andreessen & Horowitz, SoftBank and Netease, and helped take Sensible Object, a voice-control focused company, through 3 equity rounds, leading to a trade sale to Niantic. He is on the Games Committee at BAFTA (formerly Chair), and support OKRE in their work linking research and entertainment.  Previously Nick spent 5 years at Crytek in Germany, managing teams across the world, including development of games such as ‘Crysis 3’, ‘Ryse’, and ‘Warface’. He also spent 9 years at Electronic Arts, working on games such as ‘Battlefield’, ‘Black & White 2’, ‘Crysis’, ‘Timesplitters 3’, and ‘Freedom Fighters’.