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The resale market is booming and yet only 2% of retailers in the UK have operations capable of monetising the secondary market of the products they sale. This is where Shwap comes in, Shwap is a point of sale integration that digitises, organises and catalogues the data concerning the lifespan of products from point of sale into the secondary market.  We facilitate peer to peer resale and pay brands as their items are sold our marketplace We also enable brands to outlet unsold and damaged goods directly into the secondary market of our marketplace, and can even capture items at the end of the life for re purposing and recycling.  In this way we enable brands to manage and monetise the full lifespan of their products. And incentivize their behaviour towards circularity.

To date we have

  • Developed our pilot peer to peer resale marketplace and have launched facilitating resale for 4 brands
  • Onboarded 1500 users buying and selling clothes
  • Developed a Shopify App that acts as automatic integration channels for new brands (giving us access to Shopify’s 2 million retailers)
    • Brands in our lead pipeline include: Patagonia, Nobody’s Child, People Tree, Though Clothing and 43 more.
  • We have been approached by BBC ONE to film a documentary on our start up journey and shwap’s circularity potential – this will be going live in the New Year on Channel 1 at 7.30pm (wish us luck)
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primary contact

Kalkidan Legesse
Founder, Shwap

07411 361643

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