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Phase Biolabs

There is an urgent need to reduce existing greenhouse gas emissions while also providing low-carbon chemicals required by industry.

Phase Biolabs develops carbon recycling technology to recycle waste carbon dioxide (CO2) into renewable low-carbon chemicals, accessing the £2.5 trillion commodity chemicals market, which is currently untapped.

Our turn-key solution enables our customers to reduce costs and generate new revenue streams by monetising their CO2 emissions into value-added chemicals.

Not only are we reducing existing industrial GHG emissions, but products manufactured using our technology provide downstream users a source of cost-competitive and low-carbon chemicals, enabling them to decarbonise their manufacturing processes and products.

We have two-pilots organised with our lead (upstream) customers, two large-scale industrial emitters of CO2. We also have product trials organised and an LOI agreed for the purchase of £1M / of our product with a leading UK-based chemical distributor.  We have already demonstrated proof of concept for unique biocatalyst and are preparing patents to protect those designs.

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David Ortega
Founder, Phase Biolabs

0777 655 2414

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