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Eco Shaper

eco shaper is unique. It provides access (like Xero for sustainability ) by putting an app into every persons hands with reporting tailored for each company, all suppliers and every employee.

This is an exciting and ambitious project that aims to include every individual working in large organisations to help reduce carbon footprints and foster a sense of inclusion and contribution, making a real impact on the aims of the UK Government Clean Growth Strategy (e.g. improving business) and 5th Carbon budget.

Currently sustainability reporting takes a top-down approach using high-level consulting firms (Carbon Trust) and web based forms capturing data for  sustainability tools (IsoMetrix) to analyse companies’ carbon emissions.

However, with increasing regulation and a move to expanding emissions scopes to incorporate employee and supply chain emissions, reporting becomes ever more difficult and complex. eco-Shaper lessens the burden of complying with the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which is predicted to result in €3.6bn annual costs for businesses.

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Tracey Carr
CEO, Eco Shaper

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