Investing in Health Tech

Tuesday 21st June 2022 | Online

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Leveraging the power of technology to improve the discovery, delivery, and consumption of healthcare, health tech is highly innovative and is continually revolutionising the healthcare landscape. Crowned the fastest growing area in healthcare, health tech and digital health comprises the digitisation of a vast array of health and related categories and practices. From remote treatment and patient care to screening and diagnostics, drug discovery, training and education, R&D and more, the global health tech market is expected to reach $660 billion by 2025 and shows no signs of slowing.

Future Forward Investing in health tech will dive deep into the health tech opportunity and explore what makes the sector such an exciting area for investors. With continual changes to lifestyles and approaches to maintaining health, along with unprecedented strains on our healthcare system and ongoing challenges to equal access to care, there is a constant need for innovation in an ecosystem demanding disruption. By harnessing technology and super charging things like AI and Machine Learning, health tech has the power to catapult us into the future and create sustainable change for patients and doctors alike.