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Webinar invitation: How strategic sales can impact a growing business

Sales planning and strategy should be at the heart of every business, it’s key to future success. But for many entrepreneurs and management teams it’s often an area that’s not prioritised, and as a result the business can hit a barrier, sales may tail off, motivation can drop, and the product fails to get the recognition and market penetration that it deserves.

We are delighted to be joined by Doug Rich, the recently appointed Chief Revenue Office at Beaconsoft, a Digital Marketing Insights platform, on Monday 24 August at 10.30am for our webinar ‘How strategic sales can impact a growing business’.

Doug’s resume is impressive with a background of driving business growth particularly in scaling series A and B companies through their next stages of growth. This has involved, redefining product positioning, finding new partnerships, establishing new revenue streams and different routes to market. Doug is an accomplished senior executive with a track record of success in building and scaling technology businesses in EMEA markets.

To showcase his thought processes and strategies, Doug will be joined by Nigel Bridges, Managing Director of Beaconsoft, where they will use their business as a case study to underpin the initiatives.

The discussion will include:
• What to look for when appointing a CRO to a business
• How to move to a SaaS sales model
• First steps for a CRO when joining a new team
• What benefits a business can expect from a strategic sales approach

This webinar will provide an insight into the challenges facing a growing business in driving sales, as well as demonstrating the benefits of a structured sales strategy.

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Date and time
24 August 2020
10:30 - 11:00
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