Webinar: A-Z of Angel Investing in the South West

Join us for the A to Z of Angel Investing webinar as we explore everything from what it means to be an angel investor to building a diverse, successful portfolio of early stage investments.

This free to attend webinar is being presented in partnership with UK Business Angels Association and SETsquared, and offers a unique opportunity to gain industry insights on the do’s and don’ts of angel investing and how to better understand the early stage landscape in the South West and Wales and UK-wide.

In addition to looking at the key aspects of angel investing, we’ll also explore approaching angel investing in the current climate and considerations to take in light of these uncertain times.

Along with this live webinar, you’ll have exclusive access to series of Q&A videos, where we explore the key legal aspects of angel investing with Alice Stephenson, Founding & CEO of Stephenson Law and what diving into the opportunities for investors in the South West and Wales with Rosie Bennett, Investment Manager at SETsquared Partnership.


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Date and time
30 April 2020
11:00 - 12:15
Venue Address
Webinar - online