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Warwick Innovation District & Minerva – Leveraging 5G technologies to accelerate growth for Industry 4.0

Connect with experts and innovators from the Warwick Innovation District to learn more about University of Warwick’ Innovation ecosystem, and how it can accelerate growth opportunities for motivated firms. Debate and discuss opportunities for Industry 4.0 to the leverage the 5G technologies we’re bringing to the region.

About this event:

Together BT, the University of Warwick and Warwickshire County Council are hosting this event, one of three, to help businesses develop fresh thinking and consider new possibilities with 5G. This follows the recent launch of 5G on the University of Warwick campus and imminent extension of the 5G network coverage to the University’s Creative Futures Incubator in Leamington to support creative and digital companies. See us in the news here

  • See the range of exciting opportunities to work with us to leverage 5G, and incubate and develop new products and services
  • Hear from the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, 5G mobility experts and the WMG Accelerator on the art of the possible
  • Learn more about the ways 5G and Warwick Innovation District can help and support your growth.

The value of 5G for consumers:

  • More resilient network
  • Faster download speeds to access files, programmes and remote applications without delays – 5G is up to ten times faster than 4G
  • Capacity for more connected devices: the volume of devices that can be connected to the network, without slowing it down, increases greatly
  • Future possibilities: smart cities, autonomous vehicles, capacity to support IoT, gaming and virtual network capabilities.
Date and time
09 December 2020
11:30 - 12:45
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University of Warwick Webinar

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