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UKBAA & Amazon’s Funding First programme: building your MVP on AWS – George Softas, AWS

Tune into this next session in UKBAA and AWS’ Funding First series, where George Softas, Solutions Architect at AWS, will take you through how to build up your tech solution via AWS. The session will cover the technical steps, and also include a Q&A section for founders to share their pressing questions and any specific points you may want further clarified.

UKBAA and Amazon’s Funding First programme:

UKBAA and Amazon’s series tailored specifically for early-stage startups, will expertly guide founders through each stage of the investment lifecycle. The curated sessions will draw in the expertise of industry-leading experts, providing best in class advice to businesses seeking to scale through obtaining funding. Join us for all the events in the series or just the ones that most pique your interest.

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Date and time
18 November 2021
11:00 - 12:00
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