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Time-travel, for the discerning investor

AI, IoT, On-demand, the Sharing Economy… ever wished you saw them coming, five or ten years ago?

If you’ve ever watched a dress-rehearsal, you get a pretty good for how the main event will play out. The combined population of the ASEAN countries is 625m. Thailand is arguably the epicentre of entrepreneurial activity the region. Number of accelerators and incubators: less than 10. Number of companies that have passed through their acceleration programs to date: a few dozen.

By contrast, the UK fields 368 accelerators/incubators, graduating some 3,500 companies annually.

Much of the activity we see in ASEAN is about re-interpreting and localising the ideas that have already worked out, in Europe and the US. No-one is developing stuff that bombed already. And valuations are compelling.

So if you want a peep-hole into the start-up ecosystem on the other side of the world, join us on 25 May when we’ll be broadcasting live from Bangkok, to showcase a selection of deals curated by the region’s leading Angel group. Plus interviews with some of the key players.

Live online access is free of charge, registration required: www.IntelligentCrowd.TV

Date and time
25 May 2017
13:00 - 14:00
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