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The Ultimate Pitch Deck 101: Everything You Need To Know

Every business has a story to tell, and how you tell it will determine what makes your business stand out.

Thus it is crucial to create a pitch that will engage and captivate  investors so that you can seal an investment deal for your business.

To share more knowledge on this topic, we have none other than Amy Tez, an internationally sought after executive trainer who has built a solid reputation for leading transformation for Fortune 50 companies, established CEOs, start-up founders and politicians.

She has over 25 years of professional acting, leadership, performance and teaching experience. And since 2015, Amy has been helping some of the most successful companies in the world to stay market leaders.

At the webinar, Amy will share her top tips and advice on how to create a compelling pitch deck and how to raise your game in order to secure that investment.

This webinar is an absolute must-watch not only for Founders but for new and seasoned investors as well to better understand what they should be looking for in a pitch.

Click Here to register for the event. If you are unable to watch the webinar live, please do sign up and we will send you a link to watch at a more convenient time.

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Date and time
28 April 2022
18:00 - 19:00
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