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The Sirius Programme Briefing

The Sirius Programme aims to support 40 international startups each year to relocate to the UK. It is supported by the Department for International Trade (DIT), The Accelerator Network, NatWest, Entrepreneurial Spark, The Rain Gods & NACUE. This consortium has worked together previously. They are hosting a Briefing Event in October – details below.

Successful companies will relocate to the UK and receive a 12 month programme of support including incubation and acceleration training along side a £40,000 investment (under SEIS). This combination is expected to give the international startups a competitive advantage ahead of them seeking follow on investment (the balance of their SEIS allowance and potentially additional funding during their first 12 months from EIS or VCT investors).

This opportunity is hoped will provide investors with access to innovation from across the globe, helping the UK remain a leading international start up hub.
They are raising an initial £400k syndicate (the “Sirius Syndicate”) to invest in the first 10 companies in this tax year of which £80k has already been committed, led by directors of The Accelerator Network.

A Briefing Event is being held late afternoon, Thursday 25th October. If you would like to express your interest and request more information and/or register for the event please email Rosie Franca – Rosie@TheAcceleratorNetwork.com – by Friday 13th October.

More information can be found here: http://www.siriusprogramme.com/

Date and time
25 October 2017
16:30 - 19:00
Venue Address
Central London