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Tech Start-up Founder Public Speaking Masterclass with Robin Sundström

🎤Enhance your public speaking skills with our exclusive workshop tailored specifically for tech startup founders.

Whether you are pitching for investment, giving a keynote as a thought leader in your industry or simply addressing your team at a company town hall – HOW you say it is just as important as what you say. So join us for an inspiring session led by the renowned Robin Sundström, designed to equip you with the tools and confidence to deliver impactful presentations.

🎤 About Robin Sundström:
Robin Sundström is a London-based TEDx Speaker, Communication Coach, and Public Speaking Champion with an impressive background. In his first year on stage, he won a national-level speaking contest in the UK, which led to his role as Head of Communications at hyper-growth fintech startup akt.io. There, he played a key role in raising €27M, growing the team from 5 to over 120 people, and launching an investment app and cryptocurrency in the EU. Robin has delivered investor pitches at major global industry events, starred in countless videos, and performed in comedy clubs across London. His ability to transform complex ideas into engaging narratives and his passion for helping business leaders speak with confidence make him the perfect guide.

🚀What You’ll Gain:

  1. Expert Insights: Learn from Robin’s extensive experience and proven techniques for captivating and engaging your audience.
  2. Presentation Structure: Understand how to structure your talks for maximum impact, ensuring your key points are clear and memorable.
  3. Communication Skills: Improve your overall communication skills, gaining confidence to present your ideas effectively and engagingly.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow tech startup founders, share experiences, and build a network that can support your entrepreneurial journey.

💡 Why Attend?

This workshop is an opportunity to transform your public speaking skills, increase your confidence, and improve your ability to communicate your vision effectively.

Reserve your spot now and take a significant step towards achieving your startup goals!


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Date and time
12 June 2024
18:00 - 20:00
Venue Address

Entrepreneurs Collective HQ, 88 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6AA

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