SpaceTech 2016

SpaceTech 2016 aims to help businesses from all industries innovate through the use of space technologies to create new products and services.

Most businesses are unaware that space technology could give their next generation of products and services a unique advantage over their competitors and this is what SpaceTech 2016 is looking to address.

Come and join us at ESA’s European Centre for Space Applications & Telecommunications on 24th June to find out how the technologies and capabilities developed as part of the UK space community could help you.

Coupled to this you will be able to pre-book B2B meetings with key technology developers form the space industry and find out about mechanisms for taking technology transfer projects forward.

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Date and time
24 June 2016
09:00 - 17:00
Venue Address
European Centre for Space Applications & Telecommunications, Fermi Avenue, Harwell Campus, Oxon, OX11 0FD