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Seed to soar: what path should businesses take in their growth?

Seed to Soar is a joint event from Regionally and the team at the Aquis Stock Exchange, all about the growth journey of companies, from seed to series A and B to flotation. The event has a focus on the Midlands and the North of the UK.

Hosted by Liz Barclay, the future Small Business Commissioner for the UK Government, this event hopes to intrigue the minds of its audience with the varied lenses from host to presenter.

The event will take its audience on a journey from series A funding, for raises of less than £500,000, with Jeremy Korn. Jeremy is CEO and founder of Impact and Invest, an investment platform working with ethical businesses. Jeremy will explain this point in a business’ growth and the importance of ESG in the investment field.

Next, the audience will be taken to Justin Urquhart-Stewart, who will explain the point in a business’ journey between seed funding but before wider alternative markets. This stage is often tricky for SME’s, especially in the UK regions. Justin is Chairman and co-founder of Regionally, an investment platform designed to direct private investment to these very same regions.

Finally, the event will close with the final stage in a business’ journey, with Alasdair Haynes from the Aquis Stock Exchange. Alasdair will explain the need for alternative, more time and cost efficient stock exchanges.

Make sure to join us on the day as we will have a lengthy Q&A session to close, where you can direct your questions to each of our presenters and host.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there… make sure to sign yourself up via the link.

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Date and time
09 June 2021
16:30 - 18:00
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