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Online Pitch Event

During these extraordinary times, Dorset Business Angels has adapted to continue to offer opportunities to Investors and to support innovative early-stage businesses.

With the risks and uncertainty caused by the omicron variant, we have opted to change the January event to an Online Pitch Event.

We remain committed to providing our members and wider network with access to quality investment opportunities through our Pitch Events. Despite our hope to be able to return to these on a permanent basis, once again we find ourselves challenged by factors outside our control.

The event will mirror, as close as we possibly can, the format of our face to face pitch events.

Entrepreneurs will present their pitch decks in a live 10 minute presentation, followed by a 5 minute Q & A session with Investors.

Following the event, those Investors who have expressed interest will be able to access pitch decks and supportive information via a secure area of our website.

The Online Pitch Event will take place from 12.45pm via Zoom. The pitches will begin promptly at 1pm. To book a ticket, please click the link to our Eventbrite page.

The 5 pitches are confirmed as follows:

Market sector: Safety Apparel

This Company has designed a new lighting system for cyclists, runners and active people who want to be seen in low light conditions. It is a unique 360º lighting system that provides much greater visibility than competitive products and is easily attached to an existing cycle helmet. It can be used continuously for several hours from a single charge and is easily recharged from a USB connection.

After 3 years of development, the product is now ready to market and is backed by strong IP, with a UK patent granted, and patents pending in the EU and the US.

The Directors are seeking 100K to commence the marketing and distribution of the product.

Market sector: Sailing Experience Databases

This Company has designed and built a product for sailors that captures their sailing adventures and essentially their sailing experience. Voyages are easily recorded on an app, using their phone’s GPS. Key stats are generated automatically, and every member of the crew can add their photos and notes. Voyages and profiles can easily be shared to social media or via a public link and there is an in-app feed for sailing inspiration

This iOS app launched as a closed beta in March 2020 to get qualitative feedback from sailors and there is a waiting list of 6000 potential customers when the app is finally released.

The two founders are now seeking an investment of £150K to take the product mainstream.

Market sector: Green Energy Data Services

This Company has spent the last 4 years building the UK’s leading green energy switching site and is currently partnering with Sky, Tesco, Unilever, and IKEA.

The UK’s national energy system is going to go through huge changes as we attempt to reach ‘net zero’ by 2050 and the management of energy data will be the key to achieving a smooth transition. The cost of this transition in the intervening years will be colossal, with much of this money being spent on improvements to homes. Their mission is to make low-cost, low-carbon comfort a reality for every home and their platform will be used by some of the world’s biggest companies, to sell energy products and services to their customers and to manage how those products interact with the energy grid. Today, access to energy data is limited by the need for data subject consent, making it very hard for retailers, employers, banks and governments to plan, promote and measure low carbon services. The Company’s platform will provide access to this data at scale.

Management is now seeking funding of £1.5M to take the platform from the beta testing to a full roll-out worldwide.

Market sector: Industrial Safety Equipment – Asbestos Detection

This Company is about to bring to market a unique device that will disrupt the current approach to asbestos monitoring and will be the only real-time warning equipment for the detection of airborne asbestos particles. It will help reduce the risk of prolonged exposure, reduce costly project delays, and improve asbestos safety in the workplace.

When airborne asbestos particles are detected, an alarm is sounded, and a post-event report can be downloaded. The current lack of real-time analysis means that construction and demolition projects usually have to be put on hold if asbestos is suspected, whilst air filter samples are sent off-site for analysis. Following a 4-year R&D program, early adopter trials are well underway with leading global asbestos consultancies and the Company expects to be able to launch the product in early 2022. They currently have a database of 1,450 enquiries from companies around the world.

The Directors now seek to raise £2M to complete the trials and prepare the product for launch.

Market sector: 3D Printing

This Company has developed an international business platform for 3D Printing. Their B2B2C and B2C model promotes 3D printing technology and is committed to providing worldwide users with international one-stop business services.

The platform was officially launched in early 2016 and their current registered customers come from all over the world. They rank in the top 6 on Google and the top 2 on Baidu. They now have over 13,000 registered members and more than 35,000 selected models available on the platform for free download.

Management now seek £300K for product development, marketing and to build the in-house team.

Sponsor Presentation by BCP

The pitch event will kick off with a brief presentation from Adrian Hale and Chris Shephard from BCP Council entitled ‘Smart Place Investor Showcase’. Adrian and Chris will share some examples of work completed, in progress and future plans.

Date and time
31 January 2022
13:00 - 15:30
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