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Meet the founder – Climate Emergency

The Start-up Community Takes on The Climate Emergency – The Planet-Saving Solutions

About this Event

Avoiding Climate Catastrophe requires bold ideas, radical thinking, and the audacity to redesign the status quo. Qualities already embodied by the start-up community.

Join us as we take a deeper look at some of the solutions to the climate crisis, and get to know the four incredible entrepreneurs behind them.

After hearing more about the four showcased companies, you will have your chance to put your questions forward to them directly.



Gaute Juliussen | Founder of Toraphene

The company behind a biodegradable, compostable & commercially-viable plastic packaging substitute that’s stronger, thinner & gives better food protection than alternatives. Toraphene stands to make plastic obsolete.

Craig Sams | Founder of Carbon Gold

The registered B Corp on a mission to support sustainable gardening and agriculture while tackling the climate crisis, all with organic biochar that improves the health and vitality of flowers, lawns and veg while locking away carbon from the atmosphere.

Miguel Solana | Founder of Alter5

The fintech platform that provides direct access to a wide range of curated sustainable investments. Institutional investors can easily invest in and build diversified portfolios of sustainable alternative assets, with businesses focused on sustainability accessing the funds crucial to growth.

Louis A. Ferro | President & Chairman of Empire State Greenhouses

The company aiming to change the way we mass-produce food. Using vertical farming technologies powered by biofuel and renewable energy, ESG can grow more than 50 varieties of produce (as opposed to a typical 10), with more food per square foot than traditional farming, and in more urban locations.


Meeting the people behind some of the most exciting innovations around has never been easier. Come along to find out about the people powering the next generation of businesses and get to the heart of what makes them so exciting.

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Date and time
10 December 2020
14:00pm - 15:00pm
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This is an online webinar and Q&A held on Zoom. To join, please register to secure your place through the Eventbrite page.

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