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MedTech Pitching Event

You are most welcome to join Angels Den’s second pitching event of the year which will focus on companies within MedTech. At 13:00 on the 18th of February, two high-potential startups within the medical industry will present their businesses to a group of experienced angel investors. This will be an excellent chance to explore new investment opportunities and learn more about innovations in MedTech.


Medwise.ai offers a proprietary software which helps doctors search for relevant and up-to-date medical knowledge; it increases the speed and accuracy of clinical decision-making in order to provide optimal care for patients. They are targeting healthcare organisations on a SaaS-basis. The company is raising £534k at a pre-money valuation of £2m and have £352k committed, being backed by several VCs. They are EIS eligible. 

CanSense is developing a faster, easier and more accurate way of diagnosing early stage bowel cancer than current solutions, leading to a higher rate of survival for affected individuals. Trough utilising spectroscopy and AI to detect bowel cancer from blood samples and having a very experienced team, they are positioning to revolutionise this market of cancer diagnosis. They are raising £1 million at a pre-money valuation of £3 millionand are both SEIS and EIS eligible.  

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Date and time
18 February 2021
13:00pm - 13:45pm
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Online: GoToWebinar

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