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MAINstream pitch event for female founders

The event is for female founders only and we would like them to pitch to a room that is at least 50% female (ideally 75%).  To give this some context, it is not unusual for founders to pitch to a room full of angel investors but with 1 or 0 women.

With the aim of reaching and recruiting more female investors, this event is open to existing angel investors and potential angel investors.  We are going to follow the pitches with a Q&A session to allow would-be angels to ask questions and learn about the investment process.  To create a welcoming environment and encourage people to ask questions that they may otherwise feel a bit inhibited to ask, we are inviting seasoned investors to take a tour of the Wiper and True Tap Room while the Q&A is ongoing.

If you are interested to know why this is important, please see below*

*Alison Rose (the then CEO of Commercial and Private Banking at NatWest) conducted the Rose Review in 2018 and found that female entrepreneurs represent huge economic potential for the UK: £250 billion could be added to the UK economy if women matched men in starting and scaling businesses.  Data shows that women are (when compared to their male counterparts) much more likely to invest in female founded companies (and we have seen this anecdotally in MAINstream) but women make up only 14% of the UK’s angel investment community and so there aren’t the number of female angels available to invest in the female entrepreneurs that need investment.  In addition to the shortage of angel money for female founded businesses, the Investing in Women Code Annual Report 2023 reported a reduction in the amount of loan finance being received by women-led businesses (an average of £174,000 compared to an average of £507,000 for their male-led counterparts).   Most shocking of all is that the British Business Banks UK VC & Female Founders report found that for every £1 of venture capital investment, less than 1p goes to all-female led teams.

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Date and time
27 February 2024
15:00 - 20:00
Venue Address

Wiper and True Brewery and Tap room, Bristol, BS5 0SP

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