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Live for 5

Stakeholderz are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new online pitching event for some exciting new tech ventures in the UK – Live for 5.

These ventures are looking for funding now and we hope by taking part in this event you can work with us to decide which ventures to publish on our platform for investment.  Our challenge to them is to convince you in 5 minutes to the point that you are able to support them on their journey, only the very best will progress through to the Stakeholderz platform. Companies confirmed to date are:

Shiggle: An online peer-to-peer betting platform.

Moov Shack: A fully integrated property platform for consumers and agents.

Peasy: A platform that incentivises paying invoices early through behavioural science and rewards.

Upside Saving: Helping people save through Autosave and Autocashback technology.

Brand Radar: Share price movement predictions based upon social media posts and patented algorithms.

On Wednesday 15 July at 10.30am each of these exciting ventures will be presenting in this unique event, with the objective of, at the very least receiving some constructive feedback and benefit for the experience of pitching to seasoned investors. And at best they will secure the investment and potentially the support that they need to grow their businesses.

The pitches will run back to back and to maximise the productivity of the event there will be no Q&A but immediately following the webinar we will ask you to complete a short survey to provide us with your thoughts on the pitches and to let us know who caught your attention and why. Your participation will help these new teams cement what they’re doing well, work on what they can build on, and of course for a few, the opportunity to work with us to raise the funds that they need.

Our objective in running this event is to provide a platform for these promising early stage ventures, to help them to make informed decisions going forward to strengthen their case and potential for funding.  This on-line event will also give you the chance to see some of the most exciting technology and most talented entrepreneurs that have applied to be part of the Stakeholderz process.

To register please sign up. Once registered you will receive a document listing details of all participating companies with full details of their product and raise.

Date and time
02 September 2020
10:30 - 11:30
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