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ISCF Transforming Food Production: Series A Investor Partnership Programme

Innovate UK are seeking investors and corporate VCs interested in investing in companies with later stage R&D projects associated with transforming food production. These companies will have a focus on data driven solutions to boost productivity and improve sustainability whilst targeting net zero emissions. Investors would have an opportunity to invest in companies where Innovate UK grants are supporting R&D projects with up to 45% of the total project costs which can be up to £3m (i.e. maximum grant of £1.35m).

Innovate UK will establish a pool of investors, any one of which has the credibility and capacity to lead an investment into a company that has had a grant confirmed. The total investment into the business must be at least twice the value of the aligned grant and will provide the business with sufficient capital to ensure it can complete its R&D objectives and also start to commercialize its technology. We expect the investment to be at series A, in the range £1m to £5m and typically involving a syndicate of investors.

We are about to start the process of selecting the pool of investors. If you are interested in applying then please register to join our briefing event on August 6th, from 2pm to 4.30pm. The event will be recorded so you can watch a recording at your convenience. Alternatively please don’t hesitate to contact Bruce Colley from Innovate UK’s Investor Partnership team (bruce.colley@innovateuk.ukri.org).

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Date and time
06 August 2020
14:00 - 16:30
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