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Investment Readiness: VC vs Angel Investors

For nearly a decade, Mike has worked with SME companies in various capacities, with the latter half of these years spent focusing on growth companies and advising on their acquisition and funding strategies via both debt and equity.

Today’s webinar focuses on entrepreneurs with innovative and market disruptive ideas that seek investment, covering topics such as;

  • Typical level of investment (£25k-£2m)
  • Valuation expectations (likely to vary between angels and VCs, noting many Angels have a minimum %)
  • Assessing the market size (important to any investor)
  • Level of involvement (board seats, introductions)
  • Restrictive terms
  • Funding types available ((S)EIS, unrestricted, CLNs)
  • Route to the investors (pitch events, awards, incubators, cold and warm introductions)
  • Why doesn’t everyone just watch and apply through Dragon’s Den?

And forms one of a series of webinars in the Investment Readiness programme of support for growing businesses.

Date and time
21 October 2020
14:00 - 15:00
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