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Investing in Underrepresented Founders

As we reset the landscape for early stage investment post Covid, we have the opportunity to address the core challenges of access to investment for women and black and minority ethnic founders, which have existed for too long in the investment market. These issues have been highlighted in relation to the gender imbalance by Diversity VC and the Rose Review leading to the Investing in Women Code, and also more recently, with the impetus of the Black Lives Matter campaign, the distinct barriers of access to investment for black and minority ethnic founders.

UKBAA as the trade body for early stage investing, has identified the opportunity to tackle these Imbalances in the investment market. Building on our ongoing campaign to increase the opportunities for investment by women founders, we are looking to mobilise our investment community to ensure there is increased access to investment, improved practices and processes to create new channels to funding, and a more inclusive and accessible ecosystem. In this interactive panel discussion, our panel of industry experts will explore the strategies they are taking to improve the outlook for underrepresented founders and provide insight into how you can develop a more inclusive culture within your investment group.

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Date and time
08 September 2020
11:30 - 12:30
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